Classic Glass

Impact-Resistant Entry Systems

Classic Glass

In addition to multiple decorative door glass options that are certified for use in coastal areas, entry systems featuring traditional classic glass sandwiched around a clear, difficult-to-penetrate laminate layer are also available. Customization is possible with multiple options including decorative grid systems and behind-the-glass blinds.

Opaque Six Panel Doors STORMFORCE Package

STORMFORCE Opaque Impact Rated doors are ideal for coastal areas with the highest exposure to tropical storms and hurricanes. Opaque impact rated doors are also recommended for other areas of the country that experience occasional severe weather conditions.

Classic Glass Doors With & Without Internal Grids

Severe Weather Glass

Similar to the glass used in car windshields and aircraft windows, this insulating glass features an impact-resistant plastic interlayer bonded between to pieces of glass under heat and pressure. This layer remains adhered to the glass fragments in the event of damage, and resists penetration, even if the glass pane is broken. Severe Weather glass is available on several decorative and non-decorative entry doors and sidelites.

Classic Glass Doors With Blinds

Turtle Glass

Thousands of marine turtles nest in U.S. coastal areas. State and local ordinances protect hatchling turtles by limiting brightness of inside-to-outside visible light transmittance. Selected styles of Classic Glass STORMFORCE entry doors and Classic Glass doors with the Severe Weather glass option can include tinted grey glass that meet these requirements.

  • Doors available in Oak woodgrain texture only, 36″ width only.
  • Sidelites available in Oak woodgrain texture only, 12″ &  14″ width only.
  • Doors & Sidelites are available in 80″ heights only.
  • All Patio Doors and Doors with Sidelites incorporate Boxed Sidelites and are shipped separate for field assembly by the contractor.
  • Patio Doors do not have screens.
  • Internal grids on STORMFORCE doorglass are 5/8″ flat. Contoured grids are unavailable.


Severe Weather Glass Available.


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Low E Glass Available


Turtle Glass Available

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