8800 Series Geometric Window

Standard Features

  • Impact-resistant shape windows for coastal applications.
  • Architecturally-beveled exterior frame complements the frame of other 8800 operating units.
  • The impact-resistant 1” laminated insulating glass not only offers dependable impact performance, but also provides UV protection and improved thermal performance.
  • Insulating glass unit has Low E and an Argon gas fill.
  • Vinyl extrusions are impact and corrosion-resistant and their multi-hollow chambered interior design adds strength and helps improve thermal performance.
  • Choose from eleven different shapes: Half Round, Half Round with Leg, Eyebrow, Eyebrow with Leg, Quarter Round, Quarter Round with Leg, Circle, Octagon, Hexagon, Triangle and Trapezoid.

Impact-resistant Laminated Glass

When it comes to impact-resistant windows for coastal areas, the frame system, laminated glass and sealant must work together to resist the catastrophic forces applied during severe weather. Stormforce 8800 windows from Wincore® do just that. Similar to the glass used in car windshields and aircraft windows, 8800’s insulating glass features an impact-resistant plastic interlayer that is bonded between two pieces of glass under heat and pressure. The interlayer remains adhered to the glass fragments and resists penetration, even if the glass pane is broken – protecting against flying debris and hurricane-force winds, forced entry and unwanted outside noise. from entering the home and filters out 99% of the sun’s most damaging rays that fade carpets and draperies.

Importance of Laminated Glass

During a storm, if a building is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the structure and cause an increase in air pressure. This vacuum effect could lift the roof and collapse the walls. Laminated glass helps to preserve the building envelope, keeping the wind and other elements outside.

Interior/Exterior Colors

Interior Woodgrains

Glass Options

Grid Patterns

Internal Grid Options

Standard Features

Frame Type Impact Replacement (no nailing fin or J-channel)
Exterior Frame Design Beveled
Frame Construction Welded
Sash Construction Welded
Jamb Thickness 3-1/4″
Vinyl Profile Chambered
Vinyl Color White
Spacer System Intercept®
Insulating Glass Unit 1″ Impact Laminated Insulating Glass
Glass Type Low E / Argon
Glass Strength Double

Optional Features

Vinyl Colors Tan or Clay
Factory-applied Exterior Colors Mesa Red, Hunter Green, Earth Tone, Brown, Bronze
Woodgrain Interiors White Oak (Tan or Clay exterior only), Light Oak, Dark Oak, Maple, Cherry
Glass Double Low E, Tempered
Decorative Glass Tinted Bronze, Tinted Grey, Obscure
Colonial Grids (all styles) White, Tan, Clay, Woodgrain, Brass
Starburst Grids (Half Round only) White, Tan, Clay, Woodgrain, Brass
Single & Double Sunburst Grids (Half Round only) White, Tan, Clay, Woodgrain, Brass
Single & Double Sunray Grids (Half Round only) White, Tan, Clay, Woodgrain, Brass
Single & Double Sun Starburst Grids (Half Round only) White, Tan, Clay, Woodgrain, Brass
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