Designed For Impact

When it comes to impact-resistant windows and doors for coastal areas, the frame system, laminated glass, and sealant must work together to resist the catastrophic forces applied during severe weather.

Impact Window Features

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty 3 ¼” Frame
  • Strategically Reinforced Vinyl Extrusions
  • Strong Thick-walled Vinyl Profiles
  • Precision-mitered, Fusion-welded Frames and Sash
  • Sealed, Multi-hollow Chambers
  • Dual-pane 1″ Impact-resistant Laminated Glass
  • Standard, Energy-efficient Low E / Argon
  • Architecturally-beveled Vinyl Profiles
  • Corrosion-resistant Components
  • High-performance Glazing Compound

Importance of Laminated Glass

During a storm, if a building is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the structure and cause an increase in air pressure. This vacuum effect could lift the roof and collapse the walls. Laminated glass helps preserve the structure, keeping wind and other elements outside.

Impact-Resistant Laminated Glass

Similar to the glass used in car windshields and aircraft windows, 8800’s insulating glass features an impact-resistant plastic interlayer that is bonded between two pieces of glass under heat and pressure. The interlayer remains adhered to the glass fragments and resists penetration, even if the glass pane is broken – protecting against flying debris and hurricane-force winds. In addition, laminated glass guards against forced entry – resisting repeated impacts from hammers, bricks or similar weapons. It also helps to control unwanted outside noise from entering the home and filters out 99% of the sun’s most damaging rays that fade carpets and draperies.

Warm-Edge Technology

The performance of the spacer in the insulating glass is critical to the efficiency of your window as well as its longevity. The innovative U-channel spacer design creates a powerful thermal barrier that reduces the amount of heat loss conducted through the window and more effectively retains the insulating argon gas that is critical to the window’s thermal performance. Because this spacer system helps keep the window glass and its edges warmer, it in turn helps to lower energy bills and keep your home more comfortable.

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